Dedicated to the Performance of Ambitious Brands

Creating Brands
that Perform

Brand Performance
Creates brands

We create brand meaning. Learn more.

Activating Brands
that Perform

Brand Performance
Activates Brands

We amplify brand desirability. Learn more.

Brand Performance makes your brand more desirable to the shopper and more profitable to you.

Desirable Brands

SGK creates and activates brands. Brands that inspire trial, loyalty, advocacy and repeat purchase. Brands that perform because they’re desirable.

Profitable Brands

SGK brings its clients’ brands to market faster through an unwavering focus on efficiency, consistency and accuracy. This focus drives profitability – and brands that perform.

Brand Performance. Ideas with insight and imagination. Design that stirs and reassures. Assets produced to perfection.

Case Study

Danone's AQUA Reimagined

From Leader into Hero

Danone AQUA is the largest water brand in the world based on volume and market share. Though already the market leader in Indonesia, it was challenged to maintain clear differentiation from imitators and new entrants into the market.  Danone asked SGK’s Anthem to bring clarity and consistency to AQUA.

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SGK Leadership

David A. Schawk

Chief Executive Officer

Under David’s leadership, the Company has grown into a global provider of brand development and brand deployment services to many of the world’s biggest companies and brands. The Company that bears his name continues to earn the respect and trust of these organizations every day.

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Creating Brands


SGK creates brand meaning and brings that meaning to the shelf. We are architects and designers of brand meaning and desirability.

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Selling Brands


SGK takes brand meaning and amplifies its desirability from the shelf out. Very simply, we create emotional connections that inspire action.

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Producing + Protecting Brands


SGK produces impeccable brand assets and protects brand equities. We streamline processes and deliver accuracy.

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