Making the Connection: Global Perspectives on Consumer-Centric Marketing
Global Perspectives on Consumer-Centric Marketing

As pharma marketers begin shifting their focus to more consumer-centric marketing, SGK’s digital marketing experts provide insights that can help build the deep, emotional connections needed in today’s always-on landscape. 

From changing consumer demands to the pandemic, to new disruptors entering the pharma space, pharma marketers are being forced to shift their traditional approach to marketing. The key to winning in this new normal? A consumer-centric digital marketing approach that builds deep, emotional connections to amplify brand affinity.

SGK provides strategies to help pharma marketers build more meaningful connections with consumers. Whether it’s remapping the consumer journey or taking advantage of big tech’s disruptions or navigating game-changing shifts in approach, this whitepaper will help pharma marketers:

  • Shift focus from product-based to consumer-centric marketing
  • Harness the power of big tech to build more targeted digital marketing content
  • Rewrite patient-brand relationships to engage patients on a human level
  • Drive digital change in pharma business models now and in the future

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