Reimagining Food For Good: PTG Food's Sustainable Food Revolution
Reimagining Food For Good: PTG Food's Sustainable Food Revolution

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Main session duration: 45 minutes
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Facing climate change and environmental depletion, the way we do business has to change. But where to start? We interview PTG Food see how they're pioneering new ways of operating generationally and sourcing sustainably. The goal and result? To build a purpose-driven company that balances commercially profitable yet sustainable practices.

Join Phillip Hwang, Strategy Director, SGK Australia, A. Reza Cockrell, Managing Director, PTG, Allan McDonald, CEO, PTG Food, and Geliana Graham, Marketing Director, PTG Food as they reimagine food for good. ​

PTG Food specializes in the manufacturing and production of high-quality foods across Asia and the Pacific delivering quality, consistency, security to our clients. A subsidiary of Pacific Tiger Group, a direct investment company headquartered in Hong Kong, PTG Food invests and represents a growing range of food businesses across the Asia/Pacific region. ​

Philip Hwang, SGK, Strategy Director, Australia
Allan McDonald, PTG Food, CEO
A. Reza Cockrell, PTG Food, Managing Director
Geliana Graham, PTG Food, Marketing Director

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