Creating a “Pringhoulish” Package

A seamless, seasonally spooktacular Pringles launch

Consumers expect the unexpected when shopping for limited-edition, seasonal versions of their favorite brands at Halloween. We knew we had to surprise and delight them with something that was unique, collectible, and truly “Spooktacular!”

SGK seized the opportunity to amplify the brand’s creative spirit and playful attitude by leveraging a compelling seasonal design strategy of “Setting a Scene and Food Storytelling” to disrupt the traditional retail shelf with bold, breakthrough design ideas.

Our go-to market idea incorporates this strategy with a dynamic background takeover that creates a seasonal narrative while also incorporating the iconic chip and tasty flavor cues to express a distinctly Pringles’ food experience.

Our “Pringhoulish” solution captures the spirit of the season with fresh and contemporary graphics designs to grab attention. And just like Halloween, the design is even more fun after dark! When the lights go down, our cans glow up by using special, glow-in-the-dark ink to bring the packaging to life.

From start to finish, the SGK team drove a seamless design-to-print process from creative conception through flawless production and print execution.


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