Sustainable Design Trends: Food & Beverage​
Sustainable Design Trends: Food & Beverage​

Brief introduction by Sharon McGuire (1 minute)
Session duration: 17 minutes
Outro: Global convenience short (2 minutes)

“The limitations of design are when the designers and the creative people stop dreaming,” noted​ Merete Hauga, Hennig-Olsen. In 2019, SGK’s Julich Design Team were crowned Gold at the European​ Brand & Packaging Design Association Future Packaging Awards for the concept “Icy Treasures”.

Join​ the EPDA judging panel and client, Hennig-Olsen, to learn more and to hear SGK’s Creative Director​ John Hochmann speak to the justifications of his design from material choices to connected packaging​ and transparency across the supply chain ignited through Digimarc technology.​

Carsten Hoppmann, SGK, Senior Business Development Director, Europe
John Hochmann, SGK, Agency Director, Europe
Merete Haugå, Hennig-Olsen, Marketing Manager
Uwe Melichar, European Brand & Packaging Design Association, President

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