Building marketing

What can companies do right now to begin building a highly productive marketing ecosystem that is able to respond
decisively and effectively during global events like this in the future?


Understand what is critical to your business.

Build a highly productive path to market.

Regardless of your situation pre-pandemic, all businesses should utilise lessons learnt to audit their current BCP (Business Continuity Plan) and develop or revise their strategy.

Now is the time to think about auditing your entire marketing ecosystem globally to streamline workflows for the future, making them ready to pivot effectively in response to fast-moving events and trends.

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Be “All in” to
be successful.

Act tactically, think strategically.

Big companies don’t change how they operate quickly or easily. It’s a big lift and can be a big risk if not guided by a clear and disciplined change management strategy.

While making short-term tactical decisions to keep your business operating today, keep a long-term strategic view in mind.

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Scale visibility
and analytics.

Maximize online shopping growth.

Thinking now about integrating your martech systems to create a collaborative digital network that gives you unparalleled visibility across systems and the ability to view analytics more holistically.

You can start improving the performance of your eCommerce content right now by optimizing your packaged and unpackaged product content and make it consistent across retail sites and maximize search results.

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Keep your
finger on brand

Identify new brand-switching opportunities.

How a brand behaves today during this global pandemic can either strengthen the bond consumers have with it or create a brand switching opportunity in the future.

Consider the following questions:

  • Did the way your consumers use your product during the pandemic change?
  • Did they associate a particular purpose with your brand that’s new?
  • Did you brand earn or lose goodwill and how might these learnings impact your brand moving forward during recovery?

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30 Seconds On Marketing Resiliency

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