SGK Partners with Johnson & Johnson Brazil to Launch Sustainable Packaging for SEMPRE LIVRE®
ABRE Brazilian Packaging Award in the Popular Vote category

SGK’s Brazil team partnered with Johnson & Johnson Brazil to launch SEMPRE LIVRE® and was recognized for their sustainability efforts, winning the 20th edition of the ABRE Brazilian Packaging Award in the Popular Vote category.  

SGK amplified innovation by working with Johnson & Johnson to create the first flexible film packaging, helping to design a low thickness insert using 33% post-consumer resin in the follow-up of female care, which reduced its carbon footprint by 10.25% compared to current packaging.   
In addition to the consumer being able to use the entire product from inside the packaging, the packaging itself amplifies the awareness of sustainability, promoting on the packaging that it was produced from flexible post-consumer plastic waste and is 100% recyclable. This innovation reinforces Johnson & Johnson’s commitment to the circular economy and carbon emission reduction.  
SGK’s Brazil team is proud to be part of this packaging project that received recognition in a renowned packaging award process in the Brazilian market.

SGK Brazil Award