Flipping the Script on a Traditional Press Release

Good Then. Good Now. Good News.

Good Then. Good Now. Good News.

The question from General Mills was straightforward, “How do we announce a nutritional recipe change in our beloved Big G collection of cereals - one you cannot see, smell, or taste - to generations of fans young and old?”

In turning the traditional Press Release into our holistic GOOD NEWS brand experience campaign, we immersed ourselves into the world of ink, paper, and print. We conceived and crafted a modern authority on cereal, The Mills Morning Sun, to deliver our breaking 2X Vitamin D-Licious extra edition newspaper via our two-wheeled trusted icon of days past, the neighborhood paperboy

When the dust settled on the final powerslide and paper toss, we helped General Mills deliver nutritional GOOD NEWS to families all across America via their digital and social media platforms.