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Giant Eagle myPerks

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In a competitive retail market, Giant Eagle launched the myPerks customer loyalty program, aiming to foster customer loyalty across its grocery (Giant Eagle/Market District) and fuel/convenience (GetGo) brands. The program’s strategic focus was to reward repeat business and incentivize future purchases, ensuring a robust customer base.

Building an effective strategy
This particular project was part of an overarching marketing strategy that supports the Giant Eagle, Market District and GetGo banners, so our technology and project management experts were involved from the get-go, building a robust strategy to support Giant Eagle's marketing goals.

The complexity involved in the project was significant, but our carefully managed, data-driven processes enabled us to develop and create the required graphics, custom pack them to each store profile (in right sized cartons to reduce freight costs) and deliver them on time. Our commitment to being a 'yes' team, prepared to handle any challenge, was a cornerstone of our approach.

Managing a challenging timeline
With a project timeline of 4-6 weeks from kick-off to shipment, agility and responsiveness were essential. The collaboration involved a shared project schedule with Giant Eagle, ensuring key commitments and deadlines were transparent and managed effectively, despite the unpredictable nature of marketing timelines.

Effective communication was pivotal to the success of this project, with SGK Print integrating seamlessly into Giant Eagle's systems. Weekly connections and daily touchpoints ensured a synchronized effort, fostering a partnership where we understood and anticipated their needs.

Delivering quality assurance
While on-time delivery was the number one priority, ensuring the quality of the project deliverables was also essential. Fortunately, our manufacturing team drives a lean process and keeps continuous improvement front of mind. With our ISO certification against quality, we have many validation and check points to ensure quality reaches the end delivery – from data integrity to color calibration, brand guidelines to finishing, and first article testing to QC points at packing.

Handling change management
Throughout the project, Giant Eagle valued our expertise in managing the chaos surrounding change management, as well as our ability to accurately calculate the distribution for their marketing strategies. Change management is expected, planned for and absorbed by our team with grace because we understand that retail marketing has a unique pulse. By providing options when decisions needed to be called, our project management team keeps projects on track even when unforeseen circumstances threaten to throw them off.

Providing support in the field
After producing clients’ graphics, SGK Print supports with execution in the field to make the messaging look its best in the intended environment with store execution support directives. We additionally support the field life of messaging, keeping stores compliant by call centre and/or eComm engagements for deployment from warehousing and fulfilment services for the duration of the promotions.

Driving the right results
The myPerks loyalty program significantly contributed to Giant Eagle's marketing strategy, enhancing customer engagement and brand loyalty. Our consultative approach and operational excellence not only supported the project's immediate goals but also aligned with the organization's long-term objectives. This was a well-orchestrated marketing strategy, characterized by meticulous planning, agile execution, and a deep-rooted partnership.

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Giant Eagle myPerks
Giant Eagle myPerks
Giant Eagle myPerks

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