Redefining Hair Care Online

Wella Hair Care

Unlocking New Audiences in Commerce for Wella

Wella, historically a salon-only brand sold to and by haircare professionals, has a strong premium reputation, but wanted to expand its audience base online. But how do you create an impactful yet cost-effective storefront presence in the crowded marketplace platforms of Asia? To accomplish this business objective, Wella embarked on a journey to create a best-in-class digital shelf on Lazada. 

Capturing a Younger Audience
Wella has long been a trusted name in the B2B market, often perceived by younger consumers as a brand favored by their parents. Our challenge is to shift this perception and capture a younger demographic, showcasing Wella's exceptional hair care products beyond its well-known color range. The goal is to redefine Wella's image and highlight the brand's innovation and quality in hair care.

Appealing to Premium Consumers
To establish Wella as a strong contender in the competitive hair care market, SGK conducted an extensive competitor analysis across APAC's leading e-commerce platforms. This analysis revealed key insights into consumer preferences and market dynamics, guiding our strategy to position Wella as the new category winner. 

When consumers opt for premium hair care products, they seek more than just innovative features and advanced technology. They are also drawn to visually stunning imagery that reflects the product's premium quality and professionalism. For Wella to attract and retain this audience, it's crucial to deliver an online presence that exudes luxury and sophistication.

Redefining the Hair Care Category
To help shoppers navigate, we gave a powerful color identity to each range to set them apart. Each range is also brought to life with distinctive assets that convey clear reasons to buy, and that immerse shoppers in the romance of each product. 

The prestige range, for example, uses scientific renderings to showcase the advanced technology behind the products, while sensual elements such as floral imagery convey unique selling points like fragrance. Other ranges feature elements such as botanicals, oils, and atomic structures, all to better convey their different usages. 

With each page tied cohesively with color, the result is a set of unified, professional, premium-looking commerce pages that help shoppers navigate, while ensuring Wella’s professional expertise is not lost online. 

Wella Hair Care
Wella Hair Care

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