Vibrant Social Stories that Draw You In

Paper Mate

Marketing that Brings a Product to Life

Paper Mate needed to launch a new range of pens and to inspire purchase on Amazon through impactful, effective product shots, lifestyle imagery, and social content. The challenge and complexity? How to highlight the benefit of each pen to its unique audience across 15 product ranges—in four languages.

On top of the marketing challenge, we were thrown a creative curveball: we only had flat renders of the product to work with; there was no product or CGI in hand. With creativity, we turned a limitation into an advantage, paring back the visuals into a flat graphic style that is both a lesson in simplicity and also does the trick of bringing the pen lines—otherwise fine and illegible on screen—to the foreground.

To cue usage and conversion, the stories speak to each audience group by bringing to life the pens’ usage scenarios with propping, styling, and illustration style.

Instead of simply a clutch of pens to sell, we simplified 15 product ranges into three main target personas. To cue usage and give a reason to buy, SGK used a tailored approach to bring to life each range’s usage scenarios. Propping, styling, and illustration style were all customized to each audience: bright, poppy colors for teens, naïve, youthful-style illustration for kids, and office scenarios and no-nonsense simplicity for young professionals.

The result is over 50 content assets that have scroll-stopping creativity and simplicity, highlights each range’s benefits, while speaking close to each audience group.


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