How Transcreation Simplifies Scaling Marketing Content

By Philip Hwang and Michael Vaudrey


Every day, marketers face a gap. A gap between lightbulb idea and roll-out reality. Between top dollar for top creative, and right cost for the right volume. Transcreation isn’t a new concept, but in an omnichannel world, more important than ever before. By bridging creative and deployment, transcreation helps scale brand reach and assets cost effectively, by scaling roll-out with the right level of creative, for the right level of budget. 

Transcreation is also a process that ensures creative can be sensitively tailored for multiple markets. Beyond just adapting, transcreation can optimize, localize, and realize assets, making your brand as effective and consistent in one market as in many. We examine the four major benefits brands will find by working with an experienced transcreation partner. 

Streamlining Output and Collaboration

Marketing is inherently a collaborative process. There isn’t one singular vision, decider, or creator—instead there is trifecta of minds: creative, strategy, and account services. In traditional instances, the fourth leg of production isn’t brought in until later. But for brands launching on a global scale, the production team is essential for effective roll-out in multiple formats for various channels.  

By bringing production considerations earlier into the creative process, transcreation teams help ensure creativity can be smartly and efficiently produced and scaled appropriately for today’s marketing needs. By creating and owning production toolkits and asset maps, transcreation can also bring cohesion to multiple agencies, suppliers, printers, and partners by ensuring that each workstream complements each other holistically.

Localising for Impact

Adapting creative to audience, channel, and market requires both insight and smart planning, which is what transcreation partners bring to the table. From a global big idea, transcreation helps nuance visuals, format, and messaging to specific cultural and market needs. This is especially valuable in Asia-Pacific, where there are not only cultural differences by country, but regional variations within countries, which are important to consider when crafting messaging. Transcreation teams can account for these variables by working from a perspective that fuses localization with global messaging.

Beyond simply translating creative into multiple languages, a transcreation partner sensitively tailor creative to ensure maximum impact at a local level, wherever that might be.  

Improving Communication

Brands need to be able to respond at the speed of change and movements in culture, but with the volume of content and assets, it can be challenging to react quickly and decisively. As a result, there’s a saying in the industry that you can only have two of the three: quality, cost, and time. But we live in a world where clients and consumers alike expect the “holy trinity” of all three. And while the solution often lies in introducing technology and automation, the path toward implementing technology must be as efficient and streamlined as possible. This is where a transcreation team can bring their expertise to simplify processes. 

Even starting with the brief, there are many opportunities for miscommunications that can lead to delays. Even the smallest slowdowns can add up to a huge traffic jam. Partnering with a transcreation team can help get things correct from the start by extracting only the very best and most important information, the specifics that can ultimately reduce revisions, number of rounds and touchpoints, and deliverable timelines for the remainder of the project. By bringing more clarity at the launch, a transcreation team can help brands to better meet their goals across quality, cost, and time.


Connecting Production with Creative

Because transcreation sits between production and creative, they’re able to extract and apply the best ways of working from both sides—fusing creative’s design thinking with production’s problem solving and tactical processes. A transcreation partner also facilitates conversations between creative and production much earlier in the planning process, helping production foresee the best way to realise the full potency of a creative idea while maximizing speed, value, and volume. Doing so helps the creative team see the myriad of possibilities to adapt content for various channels. In short, a transcreation partner has a deep awareness that plans change in a moment’s notice when timelines and resources are finite, so they work to support the wider business with everything from adaptive and production artwork to creative/technical pre-press and retouch, to visualisation, 3D, and animation. By working smarter with clients, a transcreation team can reduce revision loops by preparing for every possible scenario.

In a light-speed world, brand managers need to meet consumers where and when they decide to show up—meaning brands need to be for better or worse, by being “omnipresent.” When every product, pack, and campaign have innumerable variants and assets to produce, transcreation helps brand teams hit the sweet spot where creativity meets scale. Next time you need to land a creative idea, think of how transcreation can simplify the complex, to amplify your presence.

About Phil Hwang
Brands with purpose, innovations that solve real problems and storytelling that drives action, inspires Hwang’s passion for strategy. For over 15 years, Hwang has helped brands and businesses digitally transform. He was previously positioned at J&J Ethicon in China, Herbalife and Watsons, creating brand platforms for companies such as Accor and SHV China and leading innovation for AB-InBev, Mondelez, and General Mills. He currently leads brand platform creation, new product innovations, and content marketing projects for Australia and APAC at SGK.

About Michael Vaudrey
As Regional Head of Transcreation located at SGK’s Singapore office, Michael leads a strong team specialising in Adaptive Design, Visualisation, 3D, Animation, Production Artwork and Creative Photo Retouching spanning a variety of media channels for several key local and global clients including J&J, P&G, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Kellogg’s, Mondelez, Colgate-Palmolive & Woolworths.