Standing Out on the Shelf: Organic Food Packaging

By Melanie Gransart

By Melanie Gransart

According to numerous studies, the organic market is currently facing a crisis...

The cause? Perhaps overly high prices, surely a loss of consumer trust, undoubtedly a general decline in purchasing power. This market, which experienced significant growth and was very dynamic in recent years, is now losing steam.

And yet, organic brands are making increasingly enticing propositions! Many are breaking free from the constraints of conventional design to adopt an ownable look: one that's more in line with their values, their stories, their heritage. The result is often creative, optimistic, and joyful...

As a designer, my eye is naturally drawn to brands that embrace their uniqueness...

Like Clipper teas, playful and colorful, which don't hesitate to use every side of their packaging to offer a more complete experience.

Or Alter Eco with its primitive paper-cut universe and its two characters always present in the scenery to express its fair trade commitment.

Prosain also offers a new universe: its artisanal preserves are illustrated with bright and delicate watercolors inspired by the sweetness of the South.

Let's also talk about Cereal Bio, which tells its botanical story through its brand, now a seed of life; Doves Farm, the cereal brand with its naive and colorful scenery; or les 3 Chouettes with their beautiful abstract pattern and unapologetic storytelling.

As for Yeo Valley, an English dairy farm, it showcases its love for the land and well-made products in an ultra-emotional brand with a joyful and abundant illustrative style.

This, albeit non-exhaustive, panorama is so inspiring... And inspired! Wouldn't it be magical if the supermarket aisles of tomorrow resembled an exhibition at Le Musée des Arts Décoratifs ? It's a sweet dream for a designer, I know!




About Melanie Gransart

After graduating from Penninghen and more than 20 years of creative direction experience in different agencies as The Brand Union, Blackandgold or Dragon Rouge, Melanie joined SGK Brandimage in 2023 to develop and manage the consumer branding team.

True foodlover, she has worked for great consumer brands such as Carte Noire, Lu, Belin, Côte d’Or, Rians, Andros, Nestlé, but also Bic, Henkel and le Petit Marseillais...

Fan of discovering new countries and culture, she travels the world with her camera, if possible off the beaten track.