Cooking Up Some HALLOWEEN Treats


Kinder's Spook-tacular Treats Campaign

Get Treating this Halloween
Kinder is much loved globally for its chocolate eggs, and Halloween features prime time for retail opportunities, landing Kinder as the perfect trick or treat - treat. Building on the previous success they needed a social campaign with pop. Something engaging and inspiring for the Scary season

Getting Crafty
The team got to work on some ideas and design concepts - exploring Halloween Craft ideas and generating recipes from them. Our in house food stylists tested and wrote some recipe ideas, to see how easy they were (for kids to recreate) then once selected it was time to get down with the cobwebs!

Craft it, Create it, Share it…
Created, and Photographed in our SGK Sydney Studio, the campaign videos and stills launched across Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram - resulting in one of their most successful campaigns yet - dig in!