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Creative Desk Calendar

Manufacturing a Memorable Gift with a Musical Twist

Highmark, a health and wellness organization based in Pittsburgh, wanted to elevate their employee appreciation efforts, so they gave their in-house marketing agency, Tonic, an exciting brief. The goal was to design a memorable gift that stood apart from typical corporate merchandise and resonated with employees on a personal level. They came up with a novel idea for a bespoke desk calendar that merged nostalgia with modern technology. The design featured a cassette tape box, ingeniously repurposed to house calendar cards, each with a QR code linking to a Spotify playlist corresponding to the month. When flipped, the cassette tape box also fulfilled the function of displaying the cards.

Achieving this innovative design would require meticulous engineering to ensure the box could accommodate the calendar cards effectively, alongside the aesthetic replication of cassette tape elements. SGK’s experience creating engaging influencer kits and ability to work to tight deadlines, made it the perfect partner for this unique project.

Engineering excellence
We engaged our engineering team to come up with dielines, cutlines and folds to make the box fit inside a cassette tape before going through our printing systems to print the background. A significant design feature was the addition of textured, raised ink to mimic the cassette tape's film, enhancing the tactile experience.

Collaborative problem-solving
During the prototyping phase of the project, our engineering team experienced three challenges. First, they realised that the ink was cracking. The solution was to print on a thinner material and to start folding when it was newly printed rather than waiting for it to cure and harden. Second, they discovered QR code readability issues on different devices, a dilemma resolved by lightening the colours and re-printing. Third, they noticed that some calendar dates were obscured by the box's fold, a problem solved through thoughtful re-engineering, including adjustments to dielines. Our operations project manager inspected the job as it went through, pulling sporadic runs to check inks and folds and make sure that the print quality was up to standard.

Proactive project management
The entire project, from concept to delivery, spanned three weeks, including a rapid prototype phase and final production of 300 units. The timeline was further complicated by holidays, with Christmas and New Year resulting in both teams having to down tools periodically. Despite this, SGK managed to meet the deadline efficiently, with prototypes and adjustments made in the first week.

Impactful outcomes
Our engineering team’s ability to work closely and collaboratively with Highmark’s in-house design team allowed us to respond to challenges with agility. The project was a resounding success, praised by Highmark's executive team for its creativity and for the high quality of the finished product; a distinctive gift that effectively enhances employee morale.

To find out how SGK's versatile engineering and manufacturing capabilities can elevate your brand's promotional materials, get in touch with our team today.

Creative Desk Calendar
Creative Desk Calendar
Creative Desk Calendar

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