Rewriting a New Fable for Plant-Based Meat


An experience that is more than food

Redefining a Category
Fable is a next generation plant-based meat that’s made from real mushrooms. But say plant-based meats, and consumers now overwhelmingly think, “artificial.” How do you call something which doesn’t have a name yet? Fable didn’t just need to stand out in terms of design—it needed to redefine how it spoke of itself altogether.

Out and Proud with Mushrooms
From consumer interviews, SGK uncovered the insight that while people wanted to eat less meat, the feeling of “lab-made” made most plant-based meats unpalatable. And for flexitarians, taste and familiarity are still key to making them switch. Based on this, we formulated a brand platform for Fable that emphasized what it is, and what it’s not—100% plant based, made from real mushrooms. Meaty—not meat. The brand essence, “Unearthed from goodness” highlighted real-ness front and centre.

Creating a Lifestyle Statement
To signal “next generation plant-based,” we aimed to create a lifestyle statement, above and beyond a food product. To convey the product’s all-natural creds, we illustrated a woodcut-style pattern set against an earthy colour palette, and paired it with a cheeky tone of voice that was fantastical and witty. The dynamic design system gave the brand maximum flexibility in usage, while premium food photography put the brand firmly in foodie territory. 

SGK_Case Studies_Fable3
SGK_Case Studies_Fable16

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